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Overwhelm is one of the biggest hurdles for anyone looking to embark on their health and fitness goals. With so much information these days, it’s hard to discern between what’s effective and what’s just another fad.

I create the roadmap to help busy, overwhelmed professionals get started and finally attain their fitness goals. My approach is simple and effective: no BS, no gimmicks, just proven sustainable methods that stand the test of time.

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Michelle K.

“I am approaching the one-year anniversary of online training and am very pleased with my results thus far. Brittany has taught me the difference between working out and training. She has taught me that real results take time and consistency to attain. I highly recommend Brittany’s online training.”

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Being Basic with Britt- Mindset 101

Being Basic with Britt- Mindset 101

When it comes to the intricacies of one’s mind, using the word “basic” seems like an anomaly. The organ responsible for every waking action, movement, thought, and everything in between influences our entire world. But how can one simplify the role of the mind and...

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Being Basic w/Britt Series- Training 101

Being Basic w/Britt Series- Training 101

In the next series of “Being Basic w/Britt” the topic of strength training will be discussed. Just like nutrition, the amount of information on strength training is overwhelming. A Google search of the term yields over 1 million results. This isn’t even considering...

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