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Reach your Goals

In Person Training

1:1 or group coaching available in the Temecula/Murrieta area to fit any fitness level or goal. All trainees will receive a customized training experience, nutritional guidance and accountability. Rates starting at $75/hr

Online Coaching

Fully customized training and nutrition program designed to meet trainee’s goals. Programs are designed based on current and aspiring goals, gym/equipment access, and personal preferences. All programs are delivered and monitored through a web-based software where trainees will be able to input data, view exercise demo videos, and monitor progress through metric tracking. Minimum 3 month commitment. Rates starting at $175/biweekly

12 Weeks to Basic

12 Weeks to Basic: Group Coaching Course: This comprehensive, group coaching platform is designed to give trainees a solid understanding and foundation into their fitness and health journey. The course provides 12 weeks of training programs, sample meal plans and nutritional guidance through macro tracking, and a 1x week group coaching call. Courses are limited to 12 “students” and will run 3x a year. $249/mo


Elizabeth W.

I started working with Brittany in August 2020 after eating and drinking my way through the initial Covid-19 lockdown and the months that followed. I had gained weight, fallen away from working out, and I knew I needed help for my mental and physical state. I had trained with other trainers in the past both online and in person, and while I had a decent knowledge of macros and strength training, I needed a plan of action and a different approach. Brittany listened to my past experiences and identified what did and did not work for me. Brittany created a weekly strength training plan specifically tailored to me.

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