Schedule a 1:1 Call, Choose the Plan for YOU, Reach your Goals

Schedule a 1:1 Call

Using the link below, set up your risk-free, no obligation phone consultation. During this initial call, we will discuss your current state of fitness and where you would like to be. From there we will determine if my system is the right fit for the job!


Choose the Plan for YOU

After we officially become “a match”, I will guide you in choosing the plan fit for you and your needs. A plan tailored to you and your abilities, but also suitable in attaining your goals.

Reach Your Goals

Once a plan has been chosen, it’s time to go to work! I will be there every step of the way educating, monitoring progress, and giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

In Person Training

One-on-One or Group structure available to fit any fitness level, goal, and budget.  All trainees will receive customized training, nutritional guidance and accountability, and access to the exclusive clients-only support network through Facebook.

Online Training

Fully customized training and nutrition program designed to meet trainee’s goals.  Programs are designed based on current and aspiring goals, gym/equipment access, and personal preferences.  All programs are designed and monitored through a web-based software where trainees will be able to access program, view exercise demo videos, and monitor progress through metric tracking. Trainees will be required to check in 1x per week, but unlimited email and/or chat is available.  Minimum 3 month commitment

Powerlifting Meet Prep

12 week full powerlifting meet prep programs available to peak any trainee for the platform.  Programs are fully customized to address proper form and technique, enhance strength while address weaknesses/sticking points, and effectively/safely peak into your meet.  All programs are designed and monitored through a web-based software where trainees will be able to access program, view exercise demo videos, and monitor progress through metric tracking.  Video analysis will be performed and a 1x week check in is required. Live coaching and meet day coaching options available as add-on options.

What Clients Are Saying

Brittany has made such a HUGE impact on my training, I couldn’t be happier that I chose her to help me along my journey to get stronger. I initially hired Brittany to help me prep for my first powerlifting competition and we only had 4 weeks to get there. Additionally, I suffered from a back injury years ago, which as a result kept me pretty conservative when pushing heavier weight. Brittany had her work cut out for her but she accepted enthusiastically. She immediately got to work on a plan for us to follow, Brittany assessed the level to which I was performing and we got to work in the gym. She began to help me dial in my technique but more importantly she taught me to safely perform my movements while protecting my back, a big concern of mine. Over the course of the 4 weeks we had to prepare, Brittany really dug into more than just the goal I wanted to reach, she spent time getting to know me, understanding where I was at mentally as well as physically. Brittany finds a way to communicate with you to really engage your mindset, which is imperative when deciding to reach a goal with a deadline. Brittany reminded me how strong I was and I found my confidence again. I set the bar high for what I wanted to achieve in a short amount of time and Brittany got me there and then some! I was more than happy with the results from my competition and now Brittany and I are planning for my goals this year. I love my coach!!

Jennifer Johnson

“Meeting Brittany was a huge turning point in my fitness journey. During my time with her I noticed a major shift in how I viewed myself and my health. Before training with Brittany, I was very into low carb dieting and running up to 6 miles daily. During this time I lost a significant amount of weight; but I wasn’t happy (and neither was my body). I knew at this point I needed a change as this type of training (and living) was not going to be sustainable for the rest of my life. Brittany helped educate me on the importance and safety of strength training and allowed me to find balance and happiness.

I’ve never been one to view exercise or training as a chore or punishment. I actually love my time in the gym, but after training with Brittany I view training and myself in a whole new light. I now look at training as a personal time to work on bettering myself and becoming the strongest version of myself. Brittany has provided structure and effectiveness to my workouts so that I don’t have to think, but rather just do. The most valuable thing I have gained from working with her is the unconditional support and reassurance; especially during times where I seem to doubt myself and my abilities. She has guided me and many of her clients in strength training and living their best and healthiest lives possible. Working out is no longer something I have to do, but it’s something I love and am able to do; all thanks to Brittany.”

Kelsey Cameron

My time with Coach Kohnke, while short, was and still is a very pivotal moment in my lifting career and life. If it were not for her, I would not be powerlifting at the collegiate level, or attending college at all. Instead, I would have been continuing my career as a weightlifter working at Dunkin Donuts, which did not help me progress very far. For that, I am very grateful to say that she was my coach throughout my high school powerlifting days, and cannot thank her enough.

Emmet Metzger

2018 USAPL 59kg Junior Raw National Champion

“Brittany has showed me one thing that has changed my life-confidence. I came to her as a novice lifter and she gave me the coaching and advice to grow as a lifter and person. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be living my dream as a collegiate powerlifter. A good coach can show you how to become strong, but a great coach can teach you how to become mentally and physically strong. That is exactly what Brittany has done for me”.

Katie Bochenek

USAPL Teen 72kg Illinois State Raw Record Holder

“Brittany is a phenomenal trainer. In about 2 months with her training and coaching, I was able to attain new personal records on all of my lifts. During this time, I was able to clean up my technique, but most importantly, the confidence I have during my lifts is exponentially higher. While preparing for my 2nd powerlifting meet, she made everything in my prep progress so smooth. If I was showing any kind of self-doubt, she shut it down quickly. That kind of mental support and encouragement helps make or break trainers. She truly shows she cares about her clients/athletes and pushes you to be the best version of you. I don’t like recommending anyone or anything that I’m not 100% positive on, but with Brittany there isn’t even a hesitation. I don’t know where I’d be without her. She is truly an inspiration and a wonderful person.”

Jakie Moton

USPA Powerlifter