Home Grown 

6 Week At-Home Training Program
With just a set of dumbbells you CAN build strength and lean muscle! Home Grown is a 6 week at-home training program effectively designed to help you achieve your goals with minimal equipment. Whether your favorite gym is closed or you simply prefer to train in the comfort of your own home, this program is not for the faint of heart.

Peach Pump

A 6 Week Glute-Focused program designed to firm and sculpt your best ass-ets.
Each week you will be guided through 4 total-body workouts targeted specifically to develop lean muscle and transform your physique. The program is designed to be completed within a commercial gym setting using free weights and a hip circle glute band and comes complete with an instructional manual and spreadsheet tracker. Are you ready to build the backside you’ve always wanted?

Quad Dam

A 6 Week Lower Body-Focused program designed to develop lean muscle and improve strength.
Each week you will be guided through 4 total-body workouts targeted specifically to give you the lower body to make others say “quad dam!”. Designed with the beginner/intermediate in mind, this program uses both free weights and select machines found in typical gym setting. Each program comes complete with a comprehensive instruction manual and spreadsheet tracker so you gage your progress throughout the 6 weeks.

Quad Dam Version 2.0

Quad Dam Version 2.0: The Ultimate Lower Body Training Program
A 6 Week lower body focused program designed to build both strength and size, Quad Dam Version 2.0 is an extension of the original Quad Dam. Participants will run a 4 day training week in which each session is specifically crafted to target the quads, hamstrings, and glutes using effective training principles and strategies. The program requires equipment seen in most commercial gym settings and should be performed as a stand-alone program. If you’re ready to upgrade those Quads, Version 2.0 is the program for you!

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